Helping educators teach their students about online safety

Welcome to the Zoe and Molly Online Educators' section. Here you will find a variety of tools, resources and activities designed to help you teach your students about online safety.

We know that Canada’s educators place a high priority on their students’ safety, but they may not always have access to the most current resources and tools necessary to teach these important lessons. At the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, we strive to fill those gaps by developing and distributing educational materials - like Zoe and Molly Online - free-of-charge to schools across Canada.

What is Zoe and Molly Online about?

The Zoe and Molly Online Grade 4 comic book is based on a true case submitted to - Canada’s national tipline to report the online sexual exploitation of children. It tells the story of a young girl who is being manipulated by an individual she meets online while playing a game. This person asks her to send increasingly personal information and pictures, leaving Zoe and Molly unsure how to respond. It reinforces the safety strategy ‘If asked to share and your parents aren’t aware, say no!’ The newly released Grade 3 comic book - Zoe and Molly Online – Caught in the Net – focuses on a different safety message. It tells the story of young girls Zoe and Molly who are playing online games when they accidently come across inappropriate online content. It teaches children what to do when they find themselves in this uncomfortable situation.

To complement the safety strategies addressed in the comic books, we have also created lesson plans for Grades 3 and 4 teachers. As well, we offer several additional components for the Grade 4 teachers including an online storybook and interactive activities, as well as take-home activities for children to complete with their parents/guardians.

Getting Started

The Zoe and Molly Online program can be completed in-class with the paper comic book or in a computer lab with the online activities. Please click on the How to Use tab to get started!

Where can I find additional information?

Zoe and Molly Online is part of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection's Kids in the Know program. ‘Kids in the Know’ is an interactive education program used from Kindergarten to High School to increase personal safety and reduce the risk of victimization and sexual exploitation of children. The lessons provide opportunities for children/youth to practice responding safely to harmful or life-threatening situations. The program is based on best teaching practices and recent research on brain - compatible learning. For additional information, we encourage educators to visit the Kids in the Know website at