Increasing your child’s online safety

The Internet has changed the nature of games, and the interactive components of online games make them appealing to children of all ages. While it’s easy for parents to believe that their child is safe while playing a game online, there are risks.

Precautions need to be taken as most of these games have a chat component where kids can interact with others in real time, and relationships can be quickly established.

How can Zoe and Molly Online help?

The Zoe and Molly Online Grade 4 comic book and complementary activities helps teach kids how to stay safe while playing games online and will help educate them about the risks associated with sharing their information and sending pictures online. The Zoe and Molly Online – Caught in the Net comic book, which is designed for grade 3 students, teaches children what to do when they accidently come across inappropriate content while online.

While there are no interactive activities available to complement the newly-released Grade 3 lesson which uses the Zoe and Molly Online – Caught in the Web comic book, please click on the At-home activities link above to access the original Zoe and Molly Online Grade 4 comic books and activities to complete with your child. Together we will help ensure our children’s online adventures are safer ones!

Where can I go for additional information?

The Zoe and Molly Online program is a Kids in the Know initiative that was developed and is promoted in partnership with Shaw Communications Inc. For additional safety information, we encourage parents to visit, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection's interactive safety education program designed to increase personal safety and reduce the risk of victimization and sexual exploitation of children.