Grade 3 Lesson Plan


  • Students will distinguish between appropriate vs. inappropriate information available online
  • Students will understand they may be exposed to inappropriate content online
  • Students will know what to do if they come across inappropriate content online

Activate Prior Knowledge


  • Ask students what they like to do online. Record on chart paper.
  • Give each student a star sticker to put by the activities they enjoy the most.

Direct Instruction

Explain to students that the internet is a wonderful place that allows people to do many things. People can find information, connect with other people, play games, shop, etc. There are a lot of great things online, but there is also information, pictures, and videos that are inappropriate and not good for kids to see.

Ask students what type of things online might be inappropriate for kids. For example, there is information, pictures and videos that aren’t true, that are hurtful towards people, that are scary, and that are not okay for kids. Ask if they have seen anything online that isn’t okay.

Guided Practice

Hand out the comic to students. Explain to students that the comic Zoe and Molly Online: Stuck in a Weird Spot is about two friends who like playing online games together. One day when they are playing online, they come across inappropriate videos. Ask students to read the comic individually. Then read the comic together as a class.

Lesson plan continues on page 11.